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LadyGuardian's Journal

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

6:01PM - Hockey-Aptitude Test

My brother made this and it was too awesome not to share. Go Ducks Go!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

6:02PM - I always loved the dinger as a kid

Whenever I'm feeling sad there are a few things that cheer me up without fail: The Second City and Sesame Street / The Muppets. Video games, other comedy, and hockey are a close second. Man, I will have lived my life right if I ever end up on Sesame Street!

Friday, April 20, 2007

10:22PM - w00tage!

I got accepted :)

Now I gotta find someplace to live in Windsor (across from Detroit for those of you below the border). I don't mind res but for the summer session they are only opening up Clark Residence and I'm concerned about that style of student living. There's a reason I don't have roommates. I had the roommate from hell many eons ago until 2 weeks into the semester and then she fell off the planet cause she dropped out / died / got pregnant / who the hell cares. I don't even have any particularly close friends that I'd want to live with since I know I'd drive them crazy!

A structured residence hall gives me more control since the common area isn't as close to the bedrooms as they are in a typical townhouse. Also, Clark is pretty much booked already. So now I'm debating whether I want to rent a place just for the summer or whether I should forgo the res experience in the fall as well and settle into a full year lease. Places4Student.com has a whole bunch of properties listed but I'm going to have to take a trip down there and see them for myself since only 3 of them have actual pictures of the inside. I'd want to drive down and see the place before making any decisions anyway so I'm glad I was able to get my car fixed so quickly. Stupid timing belt. On the plus side it now drives like a new car. Can anyone read the phrase 'new car' without doing so in some game show announcers voice? Maybe it's just me.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

7:20PM - Playoff Hockey Weirdness

Before the start of the Penguins/Ottawa game they had a moment of silence for the victims and families of the Virginia Tech tragedy. It could have been better. Maybe they should have had someone other than the rink announcer guy handle something like that. My brother had the same opinion.

[19:08] Jenn: wow, he had the wrong tone for that announcement.
[19:08] my brother: Hey! People got shot! Yeah! Silence! 5 seconds! Yeah!

This was then followed by the second worst anthem singer I've ever heard.

[19:08] my brother: This guy is just about awful
[19:08] Jenn: that too
[19:09] my brother: Timing.
[19:09] my brother: None.
[19:09] Jenn: heh.

At least the crowd didn't boo the Canadian anthem this time around. Look, I hate the Senators too but you still don't boo the anthem. Then Ottawa scores a fluke goal. Bummer.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

1:10PM - 'splain it to me

American Pokemon pre-orders get a new DS stylus. Canadian Pokemon pre-orders get a bookmark.

Apparently some Canadians got a pouch to go along with the bookmark but it's still weak. From personal experience the only company to have consistent (and non-lame) pre-order bonuses was Working Designs. First person to tell me that's why WD went out of business gets a boot to the head.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

11:30PM - A Winner Is You

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales. This is after you defeat your first opponent. It's predictable yet it always elicits a small internal chuckle from me. I don't usually like card battle games but I think the art and reformed Final Fantasy nut in me will help me stick with it. I want to print out my own cards in SE doesn't publish some themselves.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

5:30AM - Interesting Crossover + Random MMO musings

Is it wrong that I listen to my Final Fantasy XI OST while playing World of Warcraft?

I still prefer FFXI to WoW but the world is just too empty now (with no server consolidation in sight) and so I play WoW since that's where my friends are. I even decided to be bold and play a non-caster for a change. Well, sorta. I'm a Paladin so I can still heal myself and others, when I feel so inclined, but now I can actually smack stuff and take more than a few hits. It's an easy transition from a Priest to a Pally, I think, since we still get bubbles and people will always yell at us if we are not specced to their liking.

Apparently I'm a casual gamer when it comes to MMOs. I make tons of gold with little effort and I take my time to do all the quests in an area rather than purely grind. I also love PvP and all my characters end up with a respectable rank. Yet, somehow, because I don't dedicate 4 nights a week to raiding for endless hours or even join a guild populated by min/maxers, I'm a carebear. So be it! I like the way I play and my progression certainly doesn't suffer any. Unless someone else starts paying my monthly fee I don't think they have any right to dictate how I play. I’m getting all indignant on behalf of this poor Warrior in the Trade channel tonight. He was level 18 and everyone was piling on him because he chose to take up Enchanting and Mining for his two trades. My Pally is an Engineer and Miner but that's "acceptable" because Engineering allows my class to get some range abilities we'd otherwise lack and it's also handy for PvP. Personally, my next character was going to be an Engineer even if I made another Druid or Priest just because I wanted those awesome googles :)

The Warrior, right. Everyone thought that he'd never get in a guild with tradeskills like that since he wasn't a pure gatherer (repairing all that fancy armor costs $$$ at higher levels and mining/herbalism/skinning is basically free money) or at least a blacksmith so that he could make his own armor/weapons. Personally, I think the guy's a genius. His character will be able to farm areas without much trouble and make bank on the ores and whatever jewels pop up while getting to do what he really wants to on the side. I've yet to see a problem with too many good enchanters on at once so I just don't understand the hate. Also, he plans to only sell mats for a while until he's got some good funds to powerlevel. Again, what's wrong with that? I let my Shaman join a guild for all of 3 days before I went /gquit. I was told to spec a certain way and drop my skinning for something more useful, like alchemy. I'd hate for gaming to ever become a tedious job and there's no place in my life right now for random internet people to pull rank just because they spent 10g on a guild charter. And people wonder why I often solo in MMOs ;)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

1:03AM - this is not my night

I had to cancel plans to go out tonight so I can get up at ass o'clock tomorrow to watch a fence being built (seriously) and walk the dogs every time they need to go out since the fence they are working on is the one to our dog pen. DDR Universe still kinda sucks but at least less so since there's a Castlevania remix and a catchy 8-bit tune. I'm hoping the official pad that came with it eventually decides to flatten out. I really miss my awesome thick foam pad but the only converter that is supposed to work with it causes other problems that I'll get into when I make an in-depth post about the game. Now that it's past midnight and I already showered, I decided to pick up on where I left off with Cars since I enjoyed it earlier. Apparently my driving skills are now inverse to my dancing ones since I seem to really suck at the game. Or it hates me. I haven't ruled that out. I'm in the last lap for a nascar-style race and I've been untouched in first for 11 of the 12 laps. All of a sudden I see #2 and #3 go flying by me on the outside at speeds I can never hope to reach and I'm boxed in by others anyway. Argh. So frustrating. Too bad I didn't go back to the library today. I need some more good books to read. The books I read on my trip were 'meh' so now that I'm back I picked up my huge tome of Grimm tales and have been contented with that. Sadly, it's not a very portable read :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

10:25PM - Worst $102 Ever.

DDR Universe has created it's own orbit of suck. It's the ugliest game I've seen for this and last generation. I wonder if the screen will be less of a mess if I hook it up to my SD tv instead of my lcd. The thing is I know I will play it as much as I can just to get my money's worth out of it! I passed on DDR Supernova on the PS2 thinking that the 360 version is where it's at. Well, if "it" is piss-poor design then it's here in spades. Sigh. Now I'm almost glad they didn't make another US Beatmania. They would've completely destroyed it and left snow angels in the ashes.

Monday, March 12, 2007

10:46PM - Rewiring

To finally give the PS3 a place among my consoles I decided to do a major bit of rearranging. Instead of having everything hooked up to a singe TV I had to move the NES, SNES, and GameCube over to my bedroom to make way for the monstrosity that is the PS3. Did I hook it up because I liked what I heard from the GDC? Ha, no. I don't need a branded version of Habbo Hotel or Second Life on my consoles, thanks. It may end up not sucking but if I want to play free bowling I'll just go back to playing on the Wii.

I finally made an account on the PS3 so feel free to add LadyGuardian as a friend or however it works. I'm trying to download a few demos to see if I want to buy any games for it yet but I'm not going to hold my breath. The one game I wanted it for is now also a 360 release so I might end up getting it there if only for the achievement points. Voice chat might be a huge draw for some gamers (the PS3 version will not have this feature unless something changes at Sony real quick) but as a girl I find the less I talk, the better. Even in FPS games I really don't say much unless I know the people I am playing with. Sheesh. Even playing and talking online in Marvel Ultimate Alliance led to much pain in suffering. I'm playing with people who don't know Deadpool's backstory and yet I'm the one that should find a new hobby. Uh-huh, sure, whatever you say. Wow, I'm getting annoyed just thinking about the whole thing. Anyway, unless I'm talking with OpenAlpha viewers on the 360 I have no intention of saying a word or even plugging in a headset.

Until the day a good game comes out on the PS3 I know I will be spending more time with my NES and SNES. Mostly the NES. Nostalgia runs deep and I want to get my gaming groove on with Rad Gravity right about now :)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

7:42PM - Isn't it always a good (but mixed) feeling?

I found my DiGi Charat CD! w00t!!

I thought I lost it about 2-3 years ago when I moved in to the apartment with Tante. Now, mysteriously, I found it again.... with a whole bunch of cds that I made while living in New Brunswick.... that I also thought I lost. I'm happy I found them but I also feel like an idiot for not finding them the first dozen times I looked. Ah well, it's time to get down to Party Night at long last! :)

Now if only I could find the rest of the DVDs of the series for less than the cost of my car I'd be truly thrilled.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

11:46PM - wish I had photos of my "scenic" view

Wait, no I don't. The town has absolutely nothing in common with Toronto aside from the fact that it had roads and people. I've yet to see a blue sky since I've arrived. It rarely snows but the wind is a special kind of fierce. The food, well, sucks and that means I'm better off cooking. Stunningly, I actually want to cook these days and I even enjoy it. There is nothing to do in town that interests me aside from the movie theatre. The one live theatre they have is about to go under unless the city decides to save it from bankruptcy. All that being said, this could be a very interesting place to live. It could really be good for me too, on a personal and professional level.

I will love Toronto until the day I die and nothing will ever change that. Right out of high school I knew I had to get away for a while and so I went as far as I was able Sackville, New Brunswick. That didn't work out so well. It was great for my development as a person since I was able to actually speak and sing in a crowd and got cast in every single play and opera I auditioned for. Talk about your confidence boosters! Yet as beautiful as the town was I just couldn't bear being away from my city. None of my sports were available at the school and there nothing to do outside the university but drink and that's not something I'm interested in. I don't care if there are a zillion bars and strip clubs in town; you won't find me in any of them. I'm sick of the days where I would work all day on PCs and servers and then come home and spend the rest of my time online and playing games or working on a show. I need more variety! For the record, I have no issue with the gaming and show parts of my life. It's those other things that I feel need a seismic shift :)

Sunday, March 4, 2007

10:18PM - gaming on the road

Whenever I travel I tend to go on a spree and pick up a lot of DS or GBA games to play while on the road. I bring books with me too but I tend to tear through those rather quickly and they are much heavier to carry. This time I was aided by some gift cards from Christmas that I had yet to spend and that's really the only way to shop :)

Pokemon Ranger - not as good as I hoped yet not as bad as I expected. The story is typical Pokemon fare and I wasn't looking for a huge departure there. I haven't passed the game yet so I can't talk too much about it as a whole but it seems to get repetitive rather quickly. When that happens with RPGs it's not so much a debilitating thing since you know you can hit the same buttons over and over and at least make it through to see the end. With Pokemon Ranger you are constantly drawing circles around moving and attacking pokemon and you might even be using the stylus to move, as well. That kind of gets old on the ol' wrist after a few hours of straight play. Inside the game the characters constantly stress that you do not have to press hard to draw the circles that capture pokemon -- possibly more for the sake of the DS rather than your wrist -- but it's still annoying after a while.

The story takes place in a region where the typical pokemon trainers do not exist. Instead, there are rangers that exist in harmony with the pokemon and trying to help maintain the environments where they live. They can use pokemon to help them capture others and also put them to work by using their traditional attacks to solve problems outside of battle. For example you would call on a mudkip to put out a fire and a torchic to burn up a bale of hay. To capture the pokemon in the first place you are taken to a top-down battle screen and you must draw a certain number of circles around them (thus draining their health) without the line being broken by you lifting up the stylus, the pokemon running into the line, or the pokemon attacking the line. For assistance you can call on the pokemon traveling with you (but you can't take them with you to a new area. Or at least you can't for the point I'm at) and they have a variety of attacks you can call on based on their type. Water pokemon will give you bubbles to trap them for a moment, grass pokemon will allow your stylus line to leave a trail of long grass behind it so slow down the pokemon you are trying to catch, and fighting pokemon will make each complete circle with the stylus count as two.

It's not a bad system and not a horrible story but it's just unsustainable to play it for long periods of time. All the reports I've heard say that it's a short game so if I get some time this week I should be able to finish it rather quickly. The fact that I will have limited to zero internet access might also help with that ;)

Kirby Squeak Squad
- I just can't do this again right now. It feels like the exact same game I've played a dozen times before and I can't make myself interested in it. Just before getting this I was finishing up my old save on Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland and I had wicked deja-vu playing Squeak Squad. I know that the one thing people expect from the Kirby series is consistency but the same game I've been playing since the NES and spinach green GameBoy days just doesn't rank highly on my list of games to play. Maybe later I'll feel like it but I know in my heart that at least Kirby's Dream Course played with the formula and that Kirby Super Star would've been the ultimate Kirby game had it been included.

Yoshi's Island DS - This game also suffers a little bit from "Haven't I been here before?"-itis but to a lesser extent. I needed a good platformer after finishing everything there was to do in the New Super Mario Bros. so hopefully this will last a while since I know I'll play it in spurts. Now all I need is a new Klonoa and I'll be giddy as a school girl.

Cooking Mama - Most people I know raved about the fun but I can't seem to find it. It's ok. It's very cute. It's not something I will ever take with me on a trip again. I'd rather play a WarioWare game than this.

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade - I'm weak, what can I say? With my brother in town and on unfettered internet access for the first time since he left for university it was time to jump into WoW. He started a Night Elf Druid to see if his opinion of them changed from when I first introduced him to the game and told him to play as one (he hated that) and I wanted something new so I got the expansion to play as the Draenei and become a Shaman. I had a 19 Tauren Shaman way back because she was godly in Warsong Gulch (warstomp racial ability ftw) but never went past there since I liked owning instead of healing in PvP. Now my new character is 18 and when I enter battles I end up.... healing. It's really sad. I'm not even healing specced and I am out healing Alliance Priests by a wide margin!! Ugh. I might level up past this bracket sooner rather than later to get to a point where I can do more than spam heals, including my racial, all the time. If I want to heal in PvP I'll get back on my Priest. Ahem. I'm done ranting there, sorry.

Since I've been playing low level characters instead of my higher ones I can't tell you much about Outland or flying mounts, etc. I can tell you that the new Draenei home island is a pretty standard starting zone and about as scenically interesting as the Night Elf lands. That is to say that is very grey. I hate grey skies when there's no snow to go with it so at about level 12 I decided to hoof it to the human lands with a specific goal in mind. You see, I want a horse. I know Aerynth (Priest) already has one but the Elekks don't appeal to me that much. I'll still get one, eventually, but it won't be my primary ride. Heck, if this character makes it to 60 then I'm totally gonna get myself a Talbuk. In terms of Stormwing reputation I'm level 18 and 3/4th of the way through honoured. I love the quests in the human lands (with the exception of Red Ridge Mountains even though I'm gonna complete it anyway. The only areas that bug me more than that are the Night Elf territories of Darkshore and Auberdine). I might not be close enough to an Exhalted rep when I hit 40 since I spent so much time hanging around Exodar but that's not a horrible thing since I will have a travel form anyway :)

That's it for now. Hopefully I can get online later this week to share the rest of them since there are a bunch of Wii, PS2, and 360 titles I got to enjoy before I left Toronto for this trip. However, since the internet is a scarce commodity 'round these parts it might have to wait until I get back late next weekend. I won't even know if I made my first rank in WoW, the horror ;)

Saturday, March 3, 2007

1:49AM - on the road again

What a winter! 5 am yesterday I was on the road with my brother and it was nuts. The day before it snowed non-stop and then nightfall brought freezing rain. I was thrilled I was up early enough to clean off the car before it froze to the ground. I was actually chipping ice off of my tires before getting in. Not that driving was a great idea at the time...

While we were on our Quest For Breakfast we were nearly thwarted* by the many ploughs and salt trucks already hard at work. Oh, and black ice and normal ice all over the place. Not to mention the constant downpour of freezing rain forced me to se the windshield wipers at the fastest setting ever. I've never used that before so I was convinced that my wipers were going to be flung into oncoming traffic. Nonetheless, we over came all the above and those drivers that seem to refuse to acknowledge that we live in Canada and, yes, it snows. Some people seem to forget this every other week and I can't understand why. Granted, I learned how to drive in the winter so I don't see the big deal.

On Sunday I'll post this long gaming writeup I've been working on. Since my bro came to town we've had the opportunity to game almost non-stop and we decided to go for it. We've played a ton of games but there are a few I want to talk about in-depth and I don't have my camera near me to do a show about it yet so that part of it will have to wait. Where's the camera? (I'll pretend you asked) Why, it's where it always is. I'm the one who's moved! Well, sorta. I'm visiting another city in Ontario for the next week and it's one I'm considering moving to. I love Toronto will all my heart so I hate to even hint that I'd leave it but we'll see what happens next week. I might end up hating the town and then this will be all never mind :)

* admit it. 'Thwarted' is just a fun word to say out loud.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

6:19PM - Tradecentre '07

I thought the days of "zomg" trades were over but then Edmonton goes and does it again. I love how TSN called Gretzky to get his opinion of the Ryan Smith deal but what was really fitting was the collapse of the podium stage before Kevin Lowe went to speak. Them's the hockey gods trying to tell you something there....

The Pens and Islanders worked out some awesome deals today and my brother continues to taunt me for being a Leafs fan. Case in point, signing an injured Tucker for far more than he's worth for far longer than he'll be able to play. Management seems to forget that there's a salary cap these days and we shouldn't do stuff like that anymore. Oh, and welcome back Yanic Perrault.

Also, today I bought a new bucket and shoulderpads. I can't wait to hit the ice :)

3:18AM - this is such a bad idea

I haven't been blogging lately since my brother is visiting for reading week and we're catching up on gaming and watching + playing a ton of hockey. Yes, good times. However, he's got a wicked urge to start playing World of Warcraft again (sans Burning Crusade) and that's making me REALLY want to play again. I'm not sure how long I'm gonna be able to hold out. It's a miracle I've lasted this long already! His 2 month gift card just stares at me from the shelf... Why the heck did I unpack that when I moved?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

2:33AM - Home At Last

It always feels so good to come back to your own personal space. I say 'home at last' due to delays at O'Hare airport. My main beef with air travel is the utter lack of communication. When I'm stuck sitting on a plane past the point where I can use electronic devices -- you know, gameboys/ds, mp3 players, etc. I had already finished my huge book during the delay in the terminal -- for more than an hour I would really like to know why. Consider it a consolation prize or something.

Mad props to the Hak.5 guys and gal for putting me up all that time. I'm now home and looking forward to maybe actually breaking with tradition 'round these parts and get some sleep. I was able to sleep in Virginia so hopefully my brain will figure out bed = sleep for a change. Nothing like a long day of travel to make a girl tired :)

Also, is it just me or is the air on a plane just murder on your eyes? My eyes get so dry yet they water so much that it's hard to see. I think I'll bring some plain saline drops next time.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

2:05PM - Pop or Soda?

Where are you from and which is it?

I'm from pop territory (Toronto) but now I'm in soda land (Virginia) so people look at me funny when I use the 'wrong' word ;)

Sunday, February 11, 2007

3:19PM - Life in VA

"Did you drove or did you flew?"
- Eugene Levy as Sid Dithers (SCTV)

What a trip! Usually when I head down into Virginia I take my beloved car with a ton of tunes and hit the road. Since I've been having issues with my sleep lately I haven't trusted my reaction time enough to drive to the corner plaza, let alone to the United States! So, I flew. I love flying, by the way, it's just customs that scares me.

This was the first flight I got to take out of Terminal 1 at Pearson and that was a funky experience since I was used to using the now out of commission Terminal 2. Terminal 1 is pretty. Terminal 1 is also not completely done. It's missing certain things like signs. Thankfully I've been in enough airports to know what's what and I always carry some pens with me since I'm left handed and trying to use a cheap pen that was broken in by a right handed person is a pain in the butt when you need to fill out your customs form in the 30 seconds it takes to walk the walk to the line. Anyway, this was the first time I made it through customs and on to the plane so easily. I had to tell the US Government where I was staying 4 separate times (are they trying to see if I change my answer?), do the whole take off your shoes and put your laptop in this bin thing, and be pulled out of line for advanced screening. I don't know what I did differently this time but I hope I can do it again. Since 9/11 I've never been able to get on a plane normally like that. It rocked :)

The first flight to Chicago was great. I love Chicago. I hope to spend some serious time there one day but for now I'll have to be content with most of my connections going through O'Hare. There was another flight path I could have taken but that would've been a bit over the top since I'd go from Toronto > Montreal > Chicago > Richmond. As much as I love Montreal I really didn't see the need for that extra stop since it didn't save me any money. I took some pictures heading into Chicago that you can see on my Flickr account. Unfortunately the angle was such that I was unable to snap any shots of the downtown skyline :(

I had a few hours to kill at O'Hare that I was very grateful for. Usually when I land in Chicago my flight was late and I must then sprint down the hall that connects the B and C concourse levels and endure the evil eye from staff as I nearly miss little kids and old ladies so I can make my next flight. I finally got to look around the C level and I had my first ever Traditional Chicago Hot Dog. I made the woman selling them promise me that this was a real Chicago tradition and not something that they peddle to tourists at airports. According to Wikipedia, she was right. It was also freaking awesome. I can't wait to get another one! And I'm usually the type that avoids hot dogs and will usually have them with just ketchup.

Now that I had a full stomach I knew I wanted to curl up and sleep for a few hours since I was up the whole previous night packing and being excited that I was getting out of Toronto for a bit. I went to my gate, wrapped my jacket around me, looped my knapsack around my arms, put my pillow under my head and crashed for a bit. I figure that this is how I got these weird bruises on my leg but I'm not sure. It's such a weird and random pattern that I can't figure out what made it. The flight to Richmond was pretty bumpy but otherwise uneventful. It was an empty flight so I had lots of room to spread out with my window seat and I tried to sleep some more. It's sad. I can't sleep in my own house in my king size bed but I can crash in any other tiny and cramped space.

Darren picked me up at the airport and after some grocery shopping it's been nothing but good food, good friends, and good times had by all. Got in some light gaming and movie watching and I've been sleeping great each night. Must be something in the air down here. I feel bad though. It's absolutely freezing back up in Canada and down here I can walk around with barely a sweater. It's so bright and sunny too. My voice goes in an out, much to the amusement/concern of the Hak.5 peeps but we're still gonna film this week. You guys just might have to listen carefully... or I'll add subtitles ;)

I have introduced Darren to the fun that is Frequency/Amplitude and Rez but tonight I hope we all get on our Guitar Hero action.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

5:06AM - Next OpenAlpha by Feb 16th

Since I'm practically getting harassed about it in comments and e-mail and in Xbox Live voice messages I might as well go public with "teh plan". My voice is coming back slowly but it's coming back and I should be close enough to normal by Monday to film. Hey, microphones are handy when you can't speak up.

Want to know what else is handy? Having people help with the shoot!! Good people, nice people. Lots of photos and other multimedia goodies to come when I get there. I'll be on a plane on Thursday morning to get down there and film and game (correction: pwn them ^_~) and watch movies and other fun stuff like that. I haven't been public about a lot of stuff lately but I've been under a serious amount of stress that blew up in my face in October and I'm thrilled to have this opportunity to leave it all behind and focus on what I love.

As for strep throat I've got about 5 days of the antibiotic to finish and more Benzydamine for every 2 hours to help with the pain and swelling. All medical account say I should have most of my voice good to go by Monday and so I've given myself a few days cushion, just in case. This is how I can say that the next episode of OpenAlpha will be by February 16th. I'm not saying what it is about though. There has to be some mystery in this relationship and I'm not talking about when the next episode is. Oh, and also the people helping me out with this next shoot will totally kick my ass if I don't meet that date, so ease off on the violent threats. They've got it covered. There's too many of them for me to take on alone ;)

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